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Get online, find the best sites and you will be done with your online dress shopping right? Well, maybe there is a little more to it than that. Use modern technology to get the latest look and you won’t go too far wrong as long as you follow a few simple and straightforward guidelines! [click to continue…]


Great tips for taking family wedding photos


Wedding has several levels of meaning to people who are going to get married. Naturally, that is the most important day up to then, because the bride and the groom make a promise that they have never made before (if that is their first marriage, of course). Also, it has an emotional dimension for the both families. Bride’s and groom’s parents, siblings and relatives come to the ceremony and the reception with some emotions. Due to this mixture of stirred emotions, everything is a bit more emphasized and augmented on that day. Maybe that is the reason why photos from weddings have such a special place in every home. Family photos are probably highest-rated among all types of photos and with that special ingredient of the wedding day, they really catch the eye of all the parts involved. Now let’s take a look at tips for great family wedding photos. [click to continue…]


Smooth Steps for Choosing Flower Girls


The day of your wedding is the most important day of your up-to-today life. Every woman and girl wants that day to be perfect, without any single mistake. Although some of them might act as they do not care about the institution of marriage, it turns out that almost 99% of women, no matter how educated or cool they might be, end up planning a glamorous wedding (speaking from personal experience). When it comes to men, their approach is usually a bit tougher, but it matters to them, too. A real gentleman should let their chosen one organize every single detail, since women have a better eye for details. [click to continue…]


The Benefits Of Photo Booth Rentals

Hosting an event, but want everything to be perfect? What better way than renting a photo booth and putting it at the event? This is a great way to bring a smile to people’s face and get them involved. Photo booths are an age old tradition loved by one and all because of how simple and fun it is. Any great event should have a photo booth in place to liven up the setting and make the even that much better than it already was. [click to continue…]