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The Benefits Of Photo Booth Rentals

Hosting an event, but want everything to be perfect? What better way than renting a photo booth and putting it at the event? This is a great way to bring a smile to people’s face and get them involved. Photo booths are an age old tradition loved by one and all because of how simple and fun it is. Any great event should have a photo booth in place to liven up the setting and make the even that much better than it already was. [click to continue…]



When men want to be wry and conceited, they make comments that women get married only to show off with their attire and jewellery on that special day. Women would not agree with such a sardonic remark, but it is true that not a single lady will allow that the wedding day passes by without appropriate jewellery and clothes. We can bring a verdict that men are simply jealous because they do not have such a variety of choices for the wedding, which leaves them only bitter comments. [click to continue…]


Five Summer Style Trends


Ready for winter and the polar vortex to be but distant memories? It seems summer can’t come fast enough this year and with it the age-old question: “What will I wear?” While for many the answer to that question this past season was layers+layers+layers+parka, get ready to again wear clothes you’ll enjoy and someone else will be able to actually see. [click to continue…]


The mane event: What to wear to Bath races


There’s nothing quite like a day at the races. From the colourful silks on the jockeys to the outrageous hats on the ladies, the spectacle of a full on race day is quite something to behold and a world away from watching it on TV. If you fancy a day at the races, then Bath Racecourse is home to more than 20 exciting race days between April and October each year.
If you’ve never been to a race day before, then you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed and wondering what on earth to wear. Here are some top tips for putting together the perfect ensemble for a day at Bath Racecourse. [click to continue…]